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Never Say Farewell - In Remembrance of Caren A Campbell By Darrell Ellis

Almost two years ago I lost the most precious person I've ever met to mental illness. An experience I'll never forget and carry with me until my last day. Finding a loved one deceased is something you never forget. That image is en-grained into mind forever. Since Carens death allot has changed in my life. Relationship's are viewed differently and life brings on a whole new meaning. Friendships are cherished and family becomes more important. You suddenly realize that in any given moment the one sitting next to you could be gone in a moments notice. You learn how important and precious those around you are and just how much they mean. We should never take for granted and always remember that time is only borrowed. Although I've learned to move on, I'll never forget what Caren brought to my life. The simple things we shared now have so much more meaning. Kissing her forehead as she slept, watching stars at night together or a walk around the block. Knowing you'll never get that opportunity again brings laughter, joy, sorry and sadness all wrapped together. The flashback of a smile or a laugh can send your day into a swirling tailspin. You take a moment to reflect and wonder, what went wrong, what happen or why you couldn't have been there to save them. Well, absolutely nothing went wrong. I was blessed to have loved someone very special. Caren, will always be with me and will always be apart of my life. We we're meant to touch and go, but she will live on in my heart, mind and soul. To anyone who has taken the time to read this never forget to say I love you. Never let the small stuff ruin your day. Be kind, be forgiven and always show even if its only with a smile how much your care for that special person in your life. Thank you Caren, I truly miss you and will always love you.


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Happy Birthday Caren. I wish you where here to celebrate this special day with me. I've missed you each and everyday since you left us almost 2 years ago. Not a day has past that I have not felt the loss of your presence. My heart is still broken and my spirit full of sorrow. The tears I cried then are as fresh today as they where the day you passed. I guess as the song goes, "As Soon As Forever Is Through I'll Be Over You". It has been slow moving forward without you. Everything reminds my heart of you. The star we once gazed together still shines with memories of you each night. Knowing that you are at peace in the arms of Our Lord and Savior no-longer suffering is the only thing that gets me through. Only he has provided me the strength that I've needed to make it through another day without breaking down. Thank you for the time we had together sweetheart. I'll always love you and will never forget you or your smile, laugh or the memories you left be…