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Caren Ann Campbell | Darrell Ellis | September 1, 2018 | Birthday Remembrance

Happy Birthday Caren. I wish you where here to celebrate this special day with me. I've missed you each and everyday since you left us almost 2 years ago. Not a day has past that I have not felt the loss of your presence. My heart is still broken and my spirit full of sorrow. The tears I cried then are as fresh today as they where the day you passed. I guess as the song goes, "As Soon As Forever Is Through I'll Be Over You". It has been slow moving forward without you. Everything reminds my heart of you. The star we once gazed together still shines with memories of you each night. Knowing that you are at peace in the arms of Our Lord and Savior no-longer suffering is the only thing that gets me through. Only he has provided me the strength that I've needed to make it through another day without breaking down. Thank you for the time we had together sweetheart. I'll always love you and will never forget you or your smile, laugh or the memories you left be…