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About Darrell Ellis by Catrel Washington

Darell Ellis is an American music producer who grew up in Missouri and later moved to California to pursue his passion for music. He is known for his work with various artists in different genres, including hip hop, R&B, and pop. In 2010, Darell founded his own music production company called Emerged Music. Since then, he has produced numerous hit songs for various artists, and his company has grown to become one of the leading music production houses in the industry. Darell is known for his unique style of production, which blends various musical elements to create a sound that is both fresh and familiar. He is also known for his ability to work with artists of different backgrounds and styles, and for his dedication to helping develop new talent in the music industry. Overall, Darell Ellis is a highly respected music producer who has made significant contributions to the industry. His passion for music and commitment to excellence have earned him a reputation as one of the bes

Has music become better or worse over time?

Questions from readers to Mr. Ellis. Darrell Ellis has received over 80,000 views and request from music students, professionals, labels and enuterpenurs around the world. Matt, I would definitely not characterize music as being worse. Far from it I believe music has developed into us being able to produce wonderful content. To be more creative and to be able to use tools like we've never been able to before. I believe what is missing is the artistic value. You have to remember music has been around way before you and I came along and has evolved into us being able to produce some great things today. I recently met with a group of guys where we were able to discuss the days of seeing and working with the creativity of session musicians. Your horn sections, percussionist, string sections, etc. It brought about more then just music. We built relationships, discussed families and created music that lasted and mattered. This has no baring on producer's in popular music today.

What is the procedure for selling a song to a music company ?

Questions from readers to Mr. Ellis Working with a publisber is your best ber. True 20 years ago and still the same today. Trkue is most guys think they know publishing amd actually habe no vlue how it really work. As as arrist submittimg I've written the followimg below. I would highly recommend packaging your so g as you would be prese ting any other product. Today's market is much different then 15 yrs ago. Labels what to know what makes you different. Keep in mind that as much as they may lime your music, they are investing and expect a return on that investment. Here are a few tips, there be others that can provide info I may miss: 1. A damn good bio 2. Social following 3. Mix and mastered product (Yes mastering still matters) 5. Are you currently performing and where 6. Good photos And if at all possible have your management or attorney do your submission. Years ago while working a deal with Warner, they would not even discuss a deal unless through my attorneys. I'

What is needed to start an online music distribution company such as itunes?

Questions from readers to Mr. Ellis You will basically setup as an aggregator. There's a software suite called Sonic, that I would recommend. You will also need to have roughly at minimum a catalog of 250 songs or more if possible. The more the better of course. However, if you have the investment capital there are plenty of guys like myself to consult and lead you down the correct structure. To get started I'd say have a minimum of $25,000 up to $50,000. You will need your terms and conditions done by counsal, licensing, incorporation, marketing, website, in addition to an on or offsite server for uploads, membership pages, etc. If you go into it blindly you would've been better off just donating the money to Red Cross. Best of Luck, Darrell Ellis

What are the biggest downsides of the music industry right now?

Questions from readers to Mr. Ellis Christopher, That's a very broad and relevant question. However, there wouldn't be enough space to get it all out. Not to mention there would be some that wouldn't like my response. So let me put it gently. I miss real arrangements, horn players, strings, layers of real guitars and the varity of ideas and players on a record. The structure in which product is released, distributed and focusing on the actual career and success of an artist or release. Fewer artist are signed today, not to mention budget's are way smaller. Executive producers, arrangers and artist management are almost unheard of today. I guess my response would be the creative process. What's going to really kill that creative process will be A.I. as much as I'm into advanced technologies, it will change the industry forever. And furthermore, the first successful commercial release of an A.I. music project will completely kill the creative aspect of the i